Digital Alchemy | RACQ Develops Model for Determining Attrition Rates
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RACQ Develops Model for Determining Attrition Rates

As one of Australia’s largest automobile and roadside assistance organisations, the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ), like any organisation, faces concerns regarding customer attrition. In an effort to systematically identify ‘at risk groups’ and develop appropriate retention strategies, the RACQ recently underwent an attrition analysis with help from Digital Alchemy.

By being able to identify clear ‘risk profiles’ for attrition, the RACQ was able to develop a corresponding action plan containing process improvements and direct marketing opportunities. This new knowledge allowed the RACQ to mitigate retention and increase their annual growth by 0.6{49952cdb3df56eae9dc4ca31fa772f7763f0d85b8ad843640e686ea843b46c7c}.

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