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Challenging times require us….

Now you will need to do more for less and get better results. We can get you the results, save you up to 50{49952cdb3df56eae9dc4ca31fa772f7763f0d85b8ad843640e686ea843b46c7c} of your CRM operating costs and give you contractual flexibility to reduce your costs quickly and without penalty, in the future if there is another COVID-19 type event.

How COVID-19 has affected consumer habits

Consumer purchasing patterns have changed, what worked well before COVID-19 probably won’t be as effective anymore.  We know how to make your communication adapt to the new consumer and then continue to evolve as we re-inflate our businesses and consumers move to a new normal. We are focused on 3 key components to drive sales.

The Three Components

1. Generate Demand

Generating demand from existing customer bases will require more granular targeting and more timely execution. We have two ways to do this, based on our industry based lifecycle library of campaigns and through AI target selection.

2. Convert Opportunity

Maximising conversion is critical, making sure that all the key parts of the conversion process are optimised.  As promotional marketing becomes less effective, building emotional connections to customers will be a critical conversion factor. 

3. Growth through Sharing

We have created a way for you to share your customers and acquire new customers in return.  It’s even a great way to re-active old customers as well.  There is no cost, you can acquire as many customers as you contribute to the community

Find out more about how we can help you

Marketing, at its core, includes having a deeper understanding of your customers but with COVID-19, the things you know about your customers have now changed. 

With the use of our industry based lifecycle library of campaigns and our AI target selection we can help you to target and communicate with your customers more effectively.

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