Digital Alchemy | Co-op Bookstore’s Impressive CRM Transformation
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Co-op Bookstore’s Impressive CRM Transformation

With physical book sales dwindling across the globe, bookstores have been forced to come up with a range of creative ways to engage their customers. Based in Australia, the Co-op bookstore is one such company that has recently stayed competitive by turning its traditional marketing approach on its head.


With a strong focus on digital, CRM and local area marketing, Co-op embarked on a mission to improve customer experiences, increase order values, and automate bespoke communications. The Co-op case study provides an insight into the ways that digital marketing can:


  • create a seamless customer experience;
  • deliver a substantial return on investment; and
  • maximise individual customer values.

In this paper, we’ll examine these five questions through the lens of Marketing Performance Optimization (MPO)– a data-driven solution approach that gives marketers the information they need to answer these questions at every level of the organization.

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