Thank you for the birthday gifts offers

So this is my birthday month.

We develop programs to drive customer engagement. While most vendors tell you that engagement is driven by good personalisation and channel strategy; at Digital Alchemy, we believe the relationship between a brand’s interaction with a customer and the resulting impact on engagement is more complex. One of the factors that we believe drives engagement is RECIPROCITY. That is, the relationship between a brand and a customer must recognise that there is a value exchange. Customers will give value to a brand if they feel that their relationship with the brand has an element of value being returned.

Did I already mention that it’s my birthday this month? To celebrate my birthday two brands that I have a relationship with made a decision to recognise my birthday and give me something. How nice!

Citibank, sent me an SMS with two voucher codes for a free movie, completely free and valid for the next six months. I thought WOW that’s nice. I really felt valued and it was completely unexpected. Good brand experience and I felt was a nice gesture in recognition of the small fortune that I spend on my credit cards with them each month.

Qantas also recognised my birthday. They offered me a $25 voucher to buy wine, but with the Qantas voucher the offer came with a condition. To get the $25 voucher, I had to spend $100 from the Qantas wine club. That’s a bit like giving a child a lolly bag for their birthday and saying if you clean your room for a week I will give you the lollies that go in the bag. It wasn’t a gift that recognised my relationship with them it was a marketing offer to get me to start buying wine from them. If it’s conditional, it’s not a gift…it’s an offer.

So I feel great about my relationship with Citibank…Qantas…not so much.

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