Unravelling the myth of best day and time to send emails

It’s no secret that we marketers attempt to analyse every little piece of information in an effort to maximise our reach.  

To do this, we like to know what our customers enjoy, what makes them tick, what type of language they respond to, and what their needs are. In this day and age, with the majority of marketing happening online, we even like to know what time they open their emails!

It’s safe to say that we have developed an obsession with trying to determine the “perfect” day/hour/minute/second to send emails to our customers. In an effort to find the optimal time, we often spend hours searching for email open trends, incorporating A/B testing, and analysing data. In some cases, we even sit together in conference rooms for inordinate periods of time, brainstorming ideas and exploring hypothetical situations.

Despite all this hard work, the results of extensive research on email open rates have served only to make us realise that there is actually no such thing as the perfect day or time to send out emails. This is confirmed by our own analysis and research below.

Every customer is unique and has his or her own preference when it comes to reading emails. Instead of focusing our energy on email timing, we should instead dedicate it to developing strong content and enticing offers. By disseminating personalised, relevant and stimulating content, no matter what time the email is sent, there’s a higher likelihood that your email will be actioned on.

So remember, regardless of when you hit the send button, the traction you’ll get with your customers will depend on the message you’re sending and whether it’s relevant for each individual customer. With that in mind, let’s get back to focusing on what we write in our emails rather than when we send them.  

Happy emailing!



 By Helena Woo in collaboration with  Tomas Warnock, Data Science Team Lead at DA.

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